September 01, 2008


A software developer and a technology enthusiast is required for a software development position at vimov in Alexandria.

vimov is seeking top notch software developers. We have a number of developer roles available, for working on both our software products and our offshore software services. vimov provides an excellent work environment and great remuneration.

To qualify as a geek, you must meet one or more of the following:

* You have gone with at least one programming language to an advanced level, far away from just learning it in a course, reading about it in a tutorial, or in an introductory book. You must be confident that you are a master of this language, to the point where you can discuss its weaknesses and what can be improved about it.

* For at least one operating system, you have wrote OS-specific code. Like a program that uses the Win32 API, a Linux Kernel Level driver, or a Cocoa driver for Mac OS X.

* You define network experience as working on the packet level, not administrating a Windows Server based on one or more MCSE courses you took.

* If you'd say you're a great web designer, then you are very knowledgeable on the issues of JavaScript and CSS compatibility across different platforms, or if you are a great web developer, then you must know what load balancing is, or what SQL replication is. Basically, web development is not a bunch of HTML files you upload to an FTP server.

* You are highly experienced in one or more of: Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, Objective C or PHP. Or you have developed software for GNU/Linux or Mac OS X.

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