August 28, 2008

sales agent & sales management

Dear all
We are announce a vacancy for sales agent & sales management


1. University Graduates
2. Excellent communication skills
3. Dynamic & self motivated
4. Team player & work oriented
5. Able to work individual
6. Able to work under stress
7. Presentable & good looking
8. At least tow year experience
9. Also fresh Graduates are welcomed
If intersted kindly submit your CV to
Best Regards
Ashraf Shoala
Unit Manager

Why should I work in the insurance sector?

Because the private insurance sector is a modern and dynamic arena, with great
prospects for development, covering a wide range of services that are needed by
all, irrespective of income.

Thus, Insurance Agents have the opportunity to practice a dynamic profession
that is both necessary and lucrative, with good opportunities for development.

Why should I work for ALICO ?

ALICO provides its insurance agents with a unique opportunity to make a career
with one of the recognized International Life Insurance. They can build a
successful career and offer their families a decent level of income that is
dependent on their activity, ambition and goals.

What can ALICO offer me?

The benefits package enjoyed by ALICO AIG Life's Insurance Agents in qualified
producers includes:
· Medical care and hospitalization
· Life Insurance production.
· Pension plan.
· High-quality training on their profession,
with constant education and tutoring.
· Further career development prospects as a Unit
or Agency Manager.

How will my income develop as an Insurance Agent?
The Insurance Agent’s income depends on his/her progress and development. In
reality, the development of a successful ALICO professional Insurance Agent has
wide horizons. They may constantly set higher targets and manage to accomplish a
significant income, through systematic work and the valuable experience they
acquire. THE Company's Unit and Agency Mangers will inform you in detail about
the prospects of your income as an Insurance Agent.

What is today the “image” of the Insurance Agent?

The value of the institution of Private Insurance is currently better recognized
in our country and the work of successful professional Insurance Agents is
gaining respect more and more by Egyptian society.
Alico is the first international insurance company to operate in Egypt*. Since
1997, Alico has established the profession of full-time insurance consulting,
according to international standards, based on the expertise it has gained
through its global activity, today, its successful Insurance Agents, Unit
Mangers and Agency Mangers are, undeniably, reference points in the Egyptian
insurance market.

* EISA registration: #10, date: 7/1/97
* Commercial registration: #29348, date: 4/12/96

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