June 09, 2008

Video Games Graphics Designer

Do you love making games ? Then perhaps you should send us your resume!
We are looking for a talented, energetic 2D graphics designer to work on a new game at Blueguysoft. You will have the ability to illustrate characters, icons, and textures and create simple animations.

Job Description:
  • Creating and composing scenes and images that draw players into the experience
  • Use Photoshop and Illustrator to create game art and to turn it into usable assets for the development team
  • Work closely with the Lead Designer to plan and implement game play animations, develop the animation style, and maintain visual continuity throughout the project.
  • Create animations that capture the established look and feel of the game in different styles.
  • Go beyond basic requirements to provide vision and artistic direction
  • Manage time and deliver high quality animations to be integrated in to the game engine by the designer and the engineer
  • Create user-friendly and fun interfaces with our audience in mind

  • Excellent 2D drawing and animation skill
  • Experience with isometric or 3D animation a plus
  • Proficiency in digital animation packages such as Flash, Toon Boom Studio, After Effects
  • Animations to be able to be delivered in frames, not .swf files for example
  • Highly fluent in and efficient with Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator for creating source artwork and making final production-ready art assets
  • Demonstrated skills in graphic design for interactive, illustration, and animation
  • Experience with creating simple animations, character animation is a plus
  • Mindful of file size requirements and pro-actively tries to optimize all assets
  • Ability to think creatively and problem solve when faced with new challenges
  • Eager and flexible to accommodate feedback and revisions
  • Highly motivated; ability to self-manage time and tasks efficiently
  • Go beyond basic requirements to contribute vision and artistic inspiration
  • Bachelors degree in Art is not a must.
To be considered for this position, please send your resume with your portfolio to blueguysoft@gmail.com

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