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a) Grades of PERSONNEL
For the purpose of the CONTRACT, there shall be two (2) categories of PERSONNEL;
i) ¡¥Quantity Surveyor ¡V Grade 1¡¦ who shall have at least ten (10) years practical experience in their specific profession;
ii) ¡¥Quantity Surveyor ¡V Grade 2¡¦ who shall have between five (05) and ten (10) years practical experience in their specific profession.

Practical experience shall be that gained after qualification.
b) Quantity Surveyor
A Quantity Surveyor shall:-
i) Hold a recognized degree or BSP approved equivalent in Quantity Surveying or related disciplines.
ii) Have a minimum of five (05) years practical experience in Quantity Surveying and control tasks related to the execution of construction service contract, preferably in the Oil and Gas Industry.
iii) Preferably hold a Chartership, RICS or equivalent, in Quantity Surveying.
iv) Be able to work independently and be self-motivated.
v) Be competent and experienced in QS Report writing/cost report.
vi) Be fluent in both spoken and written English.
vii) Well developed Interpersonal Skills i.e. Communication and Negotiation skills.
viii) Be physically fit to undertake the SERVICES.
ix) Have basic computer skills including Microsoft Office tools.

a) The CONTRACTOR shall, as and when instructed by the BSP, carry out Quantity Surveying and related SERVICES on construction and/or maintenance contract of Major and Capital Project works being executed during the CONTRACT PERIOD for the BSP and/or its ASSOCIATES.
b) The types of SERVICES may include one or more of the following, but not be limited to:
i) Performing pre-contract and post-contract administration including assisting in preparation of the Contract management Plan.
ii) Evaluate and verify site instructions, variations and the application of contractual (and new) sums, rates and prices thus making fair payment for work done with a view to avoiding future contractual claims from contractors.
iii) Performing monthly valuations (value of work done), materials on site valuations (if any) and confirming the validity of contractor and third-party invoices.
iv) Cost Control ¡V recording and forecasting value of work done versus actual expenditure (with possible use of software).
v) Evaluating and advising upon contractual claims (if any).
vi) Agreeing the final account with the contractors(s) for signature in accordance with the Manual of Authorities.
vii) Establish and maintenance of cost databases.
viii) Preparation of tender documents.
ix) Provide training and assistance to BSP¡¦s PERSONNEL, such as the newly joined and graduates to the BSP, as and when required at no cost to the BSP.
x) Any other related work as may be necessary in the execution of the SERVICE.
Please Note That In Your CV's May not be accepted if the following basic information has not been specified in your CV.
i) Date of Birth.
ii) Gender.
iii) Marital Status.
iv) Marital Status on Assignment; Married or Single.
v) Spouse name if any (any children, etc).
vi) Summary of Experiences during the last 10 years, position
held, position held, salary, company / country of employment.
vii) Course / Training attended over the last 10 years.
viii) References.
ix) To check if they had a valid driving license.
x) To check with candidates whether they are interested to come
to Brunei.
xi) Availability (how many month notice they required from their
present employer).
xii) Date of Earliest Available / Latest Availability.
xiii) Recent photograph of candidate.
xiv) To check their willingness to go offshore if required.

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