June 01, 2008

PROJECT ENGINEER for Oil company


The incumbent shall hold a recognized degree in engineering and have practical experience of at least minimum 6 years in the multi-discipline design and construction environment of the oil and gas industry. He/She shall have a sound background in one of the major engineering disciplines and must have a demonstrated ability to coordinate multi-discipline engineering tasks, either in the design or construction phase of a project.

The incumbent shall have a full understanding of project management principles, e.g. planning, monitoring, reporting and control of cost, time and resources and shall be able to prepare detailed plans for particular tasks under his/her control.

Please Note That In Your CV's May not be accepted if the following basic information has not been specified in your CV.

i) Date of Birth.
ii) Gender.
iii) Marital Status.
iv) Marital Status on Assignment; Married or Single.
v) Spouse name if any (any children, etc).
vi) Summary of Experiences during the last 10 years, position
held, position held, salary, company / country of employment.
vii) Course / Training attended over the last 10 years.
viii) References.
ix) To check if they had a valid driving license.
x) To check with candidates whether they are interested to come
to Brunei.
xi) Availability (how many month notice they required from their
present employer).
xii) Date of Earliest Available / Latest Availability.
xiii) Recent photograph of candidate.
xiv) To check their willingness to go offshore if required.

HR Consultant
CHIS International Technical Resource Sdn Bhd
Email: bryant@chisgroup.com

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