June 01, 2008

Oil Drilling Supervisor

Drilling Supervisor

Purpose of Job
* The Drilling Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day on Site planning and execution of drilling, completion and work-over activities, maintaining maximum HSE and operational efficiency, at maximum value in terms of cost versus benefits.
* He is responsible for implementation of all the company's policies, procedures and guidelines on drilling operations, safety and environmental protection.
* Is BSP¡¦s most senior representative on Site and is responsible for first line response and problem solving of non planned operations.
* He provides guidance and advice to Wellsite Drilling Engineers and Assistant Drilling Supervisors and takes an active role in their training and development.
* He may be assigned to high profile and/or difficult projects such as HPHT exploration drilling, deep water exploration drilling, extended reach wells, conductor sharing wellhead campaigns and the implementation of high risk/high reward new technology

Principal accountabilities

Execution of daily operations:
* Supervises the execution of drilling, completion and workover activities.
* Supervises the drilling contractor and service personnel to ensure all work performed conforms to safety, quality and highest value requirements and in accordance with the well programme.
* Responsible for day-to-day optimisation of activities and provision of first line action and problem solving in case of unexpected events.
* Provides sufficient, accurate and timely data to office based Well Delivery Team members.
* Co-ordinates the timely supply of required equipment, consumables and specialist services to ensure uninterrupted continuation of operations.
* In order to broaden his experience and develop his communication skills, he may be assigned to high profile drilling activities such as HPHT and or deep water Exploration drilling.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE):
* Ensures full Wellsite compliance with the BSP HSE policies and procedures as detailed in the Safety Management System, HSE Standards and all other Brunei Shell HSE documentation.
* Conduct relevant HSE-Critical activities as specified in the HSE-Critical Activities Register (BSP-09-Guideline-016).
* Ensures all personnel are fully conversant with, and strictly adhere to, their responsibilities as detailed in the Safety Case for the respective installation.
* Sets a clear leadership example and promotes a high degree of health, safety and environmental awareness among subordinates.
* Reviews effectiveness of rig HSE systems by inspection and audit. Reviews effectiveness of rig HSE communication by line inspection.
* Promotes the practical implementation of the Hazard and Effects Management Process (HEMP), by the use of (mini) risk assessments for routine and non-routine operations.
* Fulfils his tasks identified in the departmental HSE Plan and ensures his presence during monthly office HSE meetings. 
* Co-ordinates activities on the rig affecting health, safety and environmental matters, in particular, when several line departments are involved.
* Ensures all non-routine hazardous work is performed under the permit to work system.
* Ensures all near miss incidents and incidents resulting in injury or damage to assets, equipment or the environment are reported to the Senior Drilling Engineer (TSW/1 or TSW/2) and that assigned incidents and near miss events are investigated and a report is written.
* Shall be certified PTW Authorised Signatory.
* Is the BSP representative at the regular rig safety meetings.

Required „X Graduate Engineer, H.T.S / H.N.D

Competence Required
Experience Minimum 3 years experience served as Wellsite Drilling Engineer and Assistant Drilling Supervisor (1 year).
Shall have completed the SIEP Round I and Round II self study exercises and passed the associated exams.
Shall be in the possession of a valid IWCF certificate at combined surface and sub-sea supervisor level.
Training „X
Special Abilities „X

Duration : 15/06/2008 ¡V 15/03/2009

Please Note That In Your CV's May not be accepted if the following basic information has not been specified in your CV.

i) Date of Birth.
ii) Gender.
iii) Marital Status.
iv) Marital Status on Assignment; Married or Single.
v) Spouse name if any (any children, etc).
vi) Summary of Experiences during the last 10 years, position
held, position held, salary, company / country of employment.
vii) Course / Training attended over the last 10 years.
viii) References.
ix) To check if they had a valid driving license.
x) To check with candidates whether they are interested to come
to Brunei.
xi) Availability (how many month notice they required from their
present employer).
xii) Date of Earliest Available / Latest Availability.
xiii) Recent photograph of candidate.
xiv) To check their willingness to go offshore if required.

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