April 10, 2008

Technical support

A big Organization in the Information technology field is seeking a highly qualified candidate for the position of "Technical Support" Duties / Responsibilities:

· The Technical Support Officer will be responsible for:

· Maintaining PCs, Servers, Printers, and other network devices

· Diagnosing and solving related problems

· Installation, upgrading and configuring PC software and hardware

· Upgrading/Expanding the LAN (Local Area Network)

· Maintain a log of users and PC issues

· Assisting in implementing staff training programs in use of computer and relevant

· computer software and providing support for these

· Trouble shooting network services, which includes but is not limited to:

· File and Print Sharing

· Network connectivity

· SQL Server

· Exchange Server

· Surveying and maintaining an inventory of the state of all computers and printers in the Agency in terms of location, officer/position assigned to

Job Requirements:
1- University Graduate
2- Excellent Knowledge Of MS Office.
3- Very good command of English.
4- Minimum 1 year Experience.

Anyone who is interested in the above position, is kindly requested to send his resume to the following email address: m.maher@unplugged.com.eg

More info will be furnished upon request.
P.S.: Kindly name your attached resume with your Full name, with your recent photo mentioning the Job title in the subject.

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