March 15, 2008

UCD Advisor (UI)

UCD Advisor (UI)

Responsibilities include:

* Design and implement highly usable Desktop, Web, and Enterprise applications with the best possible user experience.
* Produce high level flows and detailed prototypes and mockups to effectively test and communicate designs
* Maintain current knowledge of what's possible with the technologies and interface standards across the broad range of platforms and browsers we support
* Work with all product teams to create a superior end-user/customer experience for all product modules to validate designs and iterate on findings
* Create any necessary UI resources, (icons, graphics, text)
* Create visual design solutions that address business, brand, market, and user requirements
* Production of screen layouts, color palettes, typography, user interface elements
* Design the user interfaces of our full suite of Windows-based and web applications in a robust and performance aware manner.
* Prepare and present interaction design UI specification requirements documents including detailed wireframes (detailed interaction specifications), page flows and sitemaps; communicate
conceptual ideas and design rationale.
* Participate in usability testing, reviews and evaluations to confirm the validity and market reception of the user experience.
* Translate usability and field research findings into design improvements. Ensure usability best practices as applied to user flow.

Educational Requirements:

* Bachelor degree in related field

Required Skills & Experience:

* 3+ years experience designing highly usable, effective interfaces for web and desktop applications
* In depth knowledge of User Interface Design principles, Human Factors, User-Centered Design Processes, Interaction Design guidelines, Usability Methodologies, industry standards and trends, platform standards, software development process, and prototyping/design.
* Ability to translate audience, technology and other key product requirements into effective UI design solutions.
* Experience writing design documents to effectively communicate functional behavior to stakeholders.
* Experience developing conceptual models, flowcharts, prototypes, detailed UI design requirements and specifications, and interface designs
* Strong visualization and presentation skills, (for example Illustrator, PhotoShop, Visio)
* Strong graphical and directing skills (for example Flash, Director, PhotoShop)
* Mastery of cross-browser and cross-platform design issues
* Strong skills in prototyping and current front end standards
* Solid portfolio with a range of creative samples that demonstrate relevant work or projects, successful products and artifacts
* Process-oriented with ability to work with different UI materials and rapid prototyping
* Proficiency in screen layout and visual design
* Proficiency with Macromedia Fireworks, or functional equivalents
* Fluency with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and/or DHTML expertise
* Solid understanding of web usability guidelines
* Excellent cross-team collaboration, communication, written and organizational skills

Bonus Points for:

* Experience conducting usability testing (unit test plans, unit test cases, and conduct unit tests on user interfaces) and analysis
* Experience with BPM Systems
* Any scripting experience for creating working prototypes
* Preferred experience with MS Visual Studio.
* Experience with movie authoring, building demos' scenarios, and demos directing

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More info will be furnished upon request.
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