March 08, 2008

Fresh graduates needed for an American Company


There are job vacancies at "life insurance", which is a special American Company for life insurance.

Vacancies for all whatever who are working or fresh graduates.

There aren't certain conditions, but they have to be:
- Good Communication Skills (prefer if you have others like leadership, time
management & etc).
Prefer to be:
- Very Active & motivated.
- Creative & Flexible thinking.
- Able to work under pressure & doing many tasks at same time.
- Can work in teamwork.

Work Hours.

Full-Time ( Sales Team Leader )

Part-Time ( Sales Agent )

For Girls is Allowed.

the holidays are Friday & Saturday.

If they are interested you can send your C.V to :

Thanks a lot, Best wishes for you & Good luck for all.

Best Regards,

Mob: 0165548368

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