March 26, 2008

Dear Free-Lance training Instructor and Consultant,

Kindly note that a premier Training & Consultation Company in Egypt and has
two branches offices in Bahrain, Oman and Libya, Urgently requires experts to
work in the following fields:-

(A) Soft Skills Instructors (Ref. 01)
(B) Management Instructors/Consultant (Ref. 02)
(C) Sales Skills Instructor (Ref. 03)
(D) Marketing Instructor/Consultant (Ref. 04)
(E) HR Instructor/Consultant (Ref.05)
(F) Customer Services Instructor (Ref.06)
(G) Project Management Instructor /Consultant (Ref. 07)
(H) Finance Instructor / Consultant (Ref. 08)
(I) Organization Management Development Instructor/Consultant (Ref.
(J) ISO and Quality Instructors/Consultant (Ref. 10)

The Freelancer Instructor/Consultant should have:
- 10 – 15 years experience at least
- Practicable Experience preferable
- MBA Degree
- Work experience in Middle East and North Africa
- Fluent in English and Arabic
- High communication skills

Please send your C.V. only if the field of experience required suits you fine
or forward it to one of your colleagues whose abilities and skills are the same
as it to, with the subject of the Field Title
and Mentioned the Ref. number.

All the c.v.'s will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality

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