November 21, 2007

Oracle Developer (Saudi Arabia)

Job Title :
Oracle Developer (Saudi Arabia)

Languages :
Good to Fluent in English language

Country :
Saudi Arabia

Job Type:
Full Time

Description :
-Responsible for developing new programs and Reports.
-Developing solutions and work-around for known problems, and exploring all different alternatives.
-Analyzing and pointing out any deficiencies that need to be improved.
-Maintaining and enhancing EDI, and reports Modules -Meeting Employees Needs In Their Application And Administrate.
-Test and Debug Errors For These Application
-Building ERP System according to actual requirements.
-Analysis and design needs of various applications to simplify the circulation of information
-Designing, developing, implementing, administration new enhancements

Qualifications :
-Bachelor's Degree / BSc in Computer Science
-Minimum 5 - 7 Years of Experience in Oracle Developer
-ERP background

Gender :

Education major :
Computer Science

Experience :
5 - 7 Years.

Salary (L.E.):

Job Contact E-mail :

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