October 03, 2007

Sound / Video Engineer

I would like to post this for my hub who is looking for a job. If anyone would like to have these services or suggest a company who may take him. Thanks.

1- "Photos " if any person has old or scratched or small pictures and wants to make them nice or big to put on walls, or black and white and wants to have them colored.

2- "Audio" if any person has tape who has noise or low volume level or want to cut or replace or add more effects or transfer it on Audio CD.

3- "Video" if any person has video tape and wants to montage it like removing some minutes or correcting the color and brightness or adding text or adding some nice effects or putting his picture on that movie.

And much more things which make the photo ¡V Audio and Video tapes more interesting and nicer Here you can get it done with high quality with the sound Engineer
Mr. Ahmed Hussien
call this number
Mobile : 0100 20 7817
Hopefully you find what you are looking for with me ƒ

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