June 05, 2007

For a real estate company

A leading company in the field of Real Estate field requires to fill the following vacancies:

Investment Manager
Develops and executes audit plans for all administrative and financial activities. Analyses investment portfolios and assesses re-allocation opportunities to generate additional yields or minimize investment risks. Insures that alternative investments are safe through proper analysis.
- Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, accounting department.
- 15 years experience, at least 6 years of which in finance, banking, accounting and financial audit.

Internal Auditor
Performs auditing for all internal financial and administrative operations. Carries out internal control of all implementation of the financial and administrative rules and regulations.
- B.A in Commerce (Accounting Department)
- 4-5 years experience, 3 of which in a big audit firm.

Investment Analyst Specialist
Monitors and analyses the company's investment and provides proposals for the
improvement of these investments. In addition candidate will analyze the new
investment that the company intends to implement.
- B.A in Economics
- Minimum 2 years of experience.

Investor relations specialist
Provides all the required services with regard to the investor affairs and their financial investments e.g. stock market, stock exchange market, other official authorities.
- B.A in Accounting
- Minimum 5 years of experience in accounting, 3 of which in a supervisory position in financial auditing in a similar firm

Feasibility study specialist
Prepares feasibility studies which assist the company to attract more potential investors. Executes the set plans that provides care to the investors interests and renders all the services that the customers expect
- B.A in Accounting
- Minimum 5 years of experience in accounting, 3 of which in a supervisory position specialized in performing feasibility studies in a similar firm.


English and computer is a prerequisite for all applicants

Kindly forward your C.V. writing down the job title in the subject matter to

Thank you and best regards,

Essam Abdel-Moneim

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