April 28, 2007

Skilled Developers/Programmers needed


My friend is starting a new company in Egypt that will create new applications, he needs to recruit people, so i need to send him some CVs, it is not required to have a specific experience and fresh or senior engineers are welcomed, but the catch is that you will not be accepted unless you have the 'hacker' spirit and by hacker i sure don't mean breaking into others systems, so if you don't know the word means, then take a second guess before applying, he needs people that have the will to drill and put basis to something that will grow.

I would consider this as a valuable opportunity because you will be mentored by someone that has so much to offer in terms of technical knowledge, connections and life in general, he worked on the development of the technologies that runs the internet today, so be sure that its worth it.

And i know that he wont accept anyone but skilled ones and make sure he will be able to identify that, so do not waste your time unless you have what it takes to impress.

Send me your CVs at : amaged@gmail.com with the subject Developer CV


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