April 09, 2007

Business Research Analyst

Job Title :
Business Research Analyst

Languages :
Excellent Arabic & English (Spoken and Written).

Country :
Job Category:
Information Technology
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description :
1. Responsible for evaluating competitive products through trail/full versions, manuals, brochures, white papers, market surveys, or other available materials.
2. Responsible for building competitive analysis reports about competitive products in the market.
3. Responsible for developing business requirements and feature list for our product in order to empower our product with competitive features over other competitive products.
4. Responsible for building all the analysis documents required to identify how the business requirements and features will be implemented, in addition to any other specifications required.
5. Responsible for analyzing and translating complex business requirements into an understandable form to different teams (business, technical and quality assurance teams).
6. Responsible for coming up with new ideas, and providing creativity to future products.
7. Responsible for assisting QA process with building test cases reviews.
8. Participating as an observer in the design of user interfaces, representing the best interests of the business.

Qualifications :
- Educational level: (Field of study relevant to the position)
Bachelor degree preferably Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
- Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar position.
- Experience in Software Development/Business & System Analysis/Business Know-how; Familiar with Different Software Development Life Cycles, CMM or CMMI process areas, Business Process Management, and Technical background.

Soft Skills:
· Strong presentation skills, to act as the intermediary between business representatives and development teams to ensure business requirements are met in the end solution.

Gender :

Other Skills :
· Strong analytical, technical writing and verbal communication skills, to conduct business analysis and research on ideas provided by the management and business development team.
· Strong research skills, to be responsible for researches about business requirements and features list of future products. Using available resources like internet, libraries, articles, white papers, and books.

Compensations :
Our client is offering a very attractive package.

Job Contact Person :
Reham Morris
Job Contact E-mail :

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