January 01, 2007

Investment Director

We are looking for:
* Investment Director

-Language skills :English (Fluent )
-Computer skills: Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office
-Experience : 6-12 years experience in the Banks field.

-Requirements for candidates :
The holder of this position has the responsibility of leading our investment
management efforts – for an assigned industry – with the objective of maximizing
returns within acceptable risks. The scope of this role ranges from overseeing
the assessment of specific opportunities and managing particular projects
(venture start up, an IPO, a company turn round,.. etc.) to the monitoring of
investments on hand till exit.

The holder of this position will be a member of the Investment Committee.
countries with integration of ERP modules and its back up.

-Key Responsibilities:
-As a member of the Investment Committee, he participate in setting the
overall strategic direction and plans guiding our managed investments and
monitor how these are being achieved.
Investment Opportunities Appraisal & Transactions
-Direct – working directly or with other investment team members – the in-depth
analysis of assigned 'opportunities' to enable us to make a sound and objective
decision (after considering existing company portfolio of investments, market
consumptions, track record, business projections, financial projections,
potential risks, exit strategy, …etc.), resulting in the drafting of an
'Opportunity Evaluation Report' to the investments Committee for decision
-For assigned industry / companies: oversee the development of offering
documentation, and initiate the preparation for due diligence in support of the
company's contemplated deals.
-Review the quality, comprehensiveness and accuracy of all reports, assessments,
valuations, benchmarking exercises, offering documents, ..etc, prepared by more
junior member of the investment team.
-Oversee the execution of due diligence to verify information provided by
sellers/promoters is correct and not misrepresenting facts that could jeopardize
the viability of the investment or affect the proposed value of transaction.
-Approve work plans for various investment team members assigned to him/her and
endorse project budgets for approval.

*Investment Management
-For assigned industry / companies: Direct – on behalf of our – project
developing / sponsoring efforts (eg. Venture start up, an IPO, a company turn
round, …etc.) to ensure they are properly planned, adequately executed (to
maximize opportunities for success) and completed on time and within budgets.
-For assigned industry / companies: Conduct and lead – assisted by other
investment team members – adequate and regular monitoring of managed
investments. The monitoring should result in: an update to the entity's
strategic prospects, own projection and value of the investment, identifying
action items to be taken with respect to the company being monitored, …etc.
-For assigned industry / companies: Analyze and/or propose relevant corporate
actions (for board meetings, general assemblies, … etc.) for investments under
management, ensuring the best position in the company's interest is formulated
and communicated.

*Industry Assessment
-Periodically develop updated assessment for the assigned industry (eg. Media,
telecom, …etc) addressing its current situation, latest developments, direction,
competition, investment attractiveness, ..etc. This should result in drafting
recommendations and prospects in light of expected returns, strategic
positioning, risk and diversification requirements.

*Business Development
-Contribute to our business development efforts by identifying opportunities
within the assigned industry or concerning investments under management.
Similarly, leverage his/her contacts at large to further strengthen our image
and spot opportunities for further exploration.

*Operational Responsibilities
-Prepare a periodical status update of the assigned investments under management
and opportunities under consideration.
-Ensure personal and assigned investment team members' compliance with our
policies, instructions and guidelines.
-Ensure that assigned investments under management are getting adequate support
and services from other our units.

*Human Resources Responsibilities
-Supervise, motivate and develop all staff within his/her area.
-Identify current and future staff requirements for his/her area (numbers and
skill levels).
-Identify training and skill development needs and opportunities for
him/herself and staff.
-Conduct objective Performance Appraisals to all staff assigned to him/her.

-Performance Criteria:
*Business Acumen
-Good understanding of the technology and telecom sector in general and his/her
assigned industry in particular.
-Strong feel for the economy, the investment environment and overall a good
business sense.

*Technical Knowledge
-Advanced financial analysis and risk assessment skills.
-An in-depth 'know how' of business appraisal and investment valuation methods.
-Grasp of corporate governance and investor communication concepts.
-Good understanding of the regulatory aspects of investments, companies, capital
markets, taxes and business in general.
-Understanding of financing schemes and alternatives.

*Management Skills
-Ability of planning and monitoring a multitude of activities and projects.
-Ability of managing, motivating and developing staff.

*Personal Attributes
-Strong communications skills (presentation, business writing, leading meeting,
-Dedication to quality and attention to details.
-Good analytical skills.
-Self motivation and reasonable aggressiveness.
-Credibility and professionalism.
-Willingness to work hard and put the necessary hours to achieve results.

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