January 03, 2007

Consultant for connected infrastructure

We are looking for:
* Consultant for connected infrastructure

Job duties and responsibilities:

§Responsible for delivering technical and procedural activities to customers such as but not limited to; planning, designing, executing projects, and attending meetings related to infrastructure projects.
§Delivering Technical training according to the area of specialty, the training delivery process does include the technical preparation for the training.
§Responsible for promoting OMS brand and services/products to the customers which will facilitate the sale’s job as well as providing feedback to the Sales Account Manager(s) with information about customers and their needs that might help the Sales plan for engagements with the customer.
§Responsible to be updated with the required technical information to support the area of specialty as well as bide to the technical development plans set by the Professional Development and Resources Management (PDRM).


1.Minimum 3 years of experience in MS servers products.
2.MCSE 2003 certification is a Must.
3.HP certification is a plus.

•Specific Technical Skills Required:
• Has a strong technical knowledge about at least three of the following products:-
1.ISA 2004.
2.Exchange 2000/2003.
3.SMS 2003.
4.MOM 2005.
5.SQL 2000.
6.MS clustering technologies.
7.SPS 2003.

•Strong Problem solving and decision making skills. The job requires problem
solvers that enjoy evaluating and creating alternatives with tight time
constraints. It also involves working on problems that are loosely defined and
incorporating hard and soft facts into decision-making. These skills come into
play when developing candidate generation strategy, candidate assessments,
consulting with other senior management and negotiating offers. . (This is a
generic one that you might want to add to it – yet could be more applicable to
senior staff upwards)
•Ability to exercise flexibility, imitative, good judgment, and discretion.
Mainly in handling, confidential materials and matters work effectively in
changing environment and adapt to changes quickly. (This is a generic one that
you might want to add to it)
•Excellent Computer Skills. Experience working in a computerized environment
with word processing, database, and excel spreadsheets sufficient to prepare
correspondence, reports, forms, statistical/technical/ scientific materials with
speed and accuracy, including the willingness to learn and use new computer
programs / applications. (This is a generic one that you might want to add to
SPECIFIC JOB SKILLS: able to communicate and market the company internally
and externally as required. Understands concepts of costs, profit and loss
calculations, overheads, etc. very competent business writer. Must be an
excellent face –to – face and telephone communicator.
MANAGEMENT ABILITY: ability to manage staff (recruitment specialists and

§Functional Skills: -the skills required to the job
§General Business Skills: Basic Skills & Soft skills required to the job does not include technical skills
§Special Technical Skills: technical skills required fro the job
§Scarce Skills: A set of skills / or one skill that is not available a lot in the market
§Experience: This does not apply to number of years, but applies to the type of experience required
§Accountability: What this person’s objectives and KPIs will be based on and the scope of effect of his responsibility
§Customer Interaction: self explained
§Cross Departmental Responsibilities: For Managers its one region, middle management and staff are own department.
§Core Business: Area of operation in the company. General Support is for office boys, collectors and clerks, functional support for Administration, HR and Finance, Core Business is for Technical Resources, be it delivery or leadership and strategic for Sales People and Top Management.

Anyone that interested kindly sends his or her CV to

P.S: Kindly name your attached C.V. with your Full name, with your recent photo
and in the subjects write the Job title.

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