January 18, 2007

Administrative Assistant


  • Oversees and coordinates administrative, program, and office activities. Establishes, selects, implements, and coordinates office procedures and systems.
  • Oversees, instructs, and coordinates activities of support staff.
  • Oversees the preparation of materials, contracts and budgets.
  • Provides editorial support for a journal/publication.
  • Proofreads and edits material for grammatical and factual accuracy. Tracks copy through various editing and production stages.
  • Assembles and arranges for necessary items.
  • Determines sources of data. Compiles, synthesizes and manipulates data. Summarizes findings and writes reports or portions of reports.
    Greets visitors. Answers and screens telephone calls. Assesses nature of business.
  • Responds to requests for information and provides assistance.
  • Screens and responds to mail.
  • Formats, keyboard, proofreads, and edits correspondence, reports, and other material.
  • Assembles attachments and corresponding material. Reviews outgoing material for completeness, dates, and signatures.
  • Composes substantive correspondence and written material.
  • Coordinates travel arrangements.
  • Schedules and coordinates meetings and appointments.
  • Orders and maintains inventory of supplies.
  • Takes minutes or dictation.
  • Performs additional functions incidental to office activities.

Education and Experience:

  • Two to four years of related work experience and an appropriate university level education.
  • Preferred AUC graduate.
  • Experienced in making travel arrangements, providing high-level administrative support to smooth operation of all administrative activities related to the international line of business.

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