December 13, 2006

Volunteers needed-new project in Cairo

*Volunteers Needed *

We are a group of thinkers and activists who are willing to create a new civilization organization and planting the seeds for a new way of living in one of the poorest communities in Egypt.

The main objective is to ensure that a SUSTAINABLE PROJECT is created rather than only giving out hand-outs that have a short-term effect. In addition, another objective of the project is to ensure that rather than just feeding the people, they are involved in feeding themselves. This will instill a sense of ownership in the project and in the benefits that they receive.

*Research & segmentation committee:*
Develop research campaigns to identify key problems that Antar's community are facing according to their priorities in order to identify their needs:

- Create job opportunities for young professionals
- Teach new professions for young people who drop out of school so they don't turn into "Arzekaya" has small income and hence lead to a deterioration of their illness, and poor environmental situation.
- Assess water sources and the presence of sewage to find alternative humanitarian solutions
- Assess the diseases that afflict those families in this community to provide appropriate education for them

The research officer's job is to:
- Develop indicators and methodologies
- Create need assessments
- Design and develop research processes, frameworks, methods and tools with Antar community.
- Create database contains all the information of Antar inhabitants of (numbers/ names/age/income/jobs/level of education...etc)
- Prepare analytical reports

*The research officer needs help in the phase of processing the framework*.
We need volunteers to do need assessments in Antar community to get the above mentioned information to enable us to identify the sort of help this community needs and identify type of suitable projects that could recruit large number of SA community.

*Volunteers would get:*
Training on how to conduct the need assessment
Certificate of experience
Participation in the foundation's activities, conferences and workshops.

Training on communication skills
*Needed in volunteers:*
No boundaries related to age or gender
Qualifications of volunteer: under graduate or post graduate
Sense of responsibility
Sense of commitments
Finish tasks in a precise timely manner
Follow NGO code of ethics

*Time line of the project:*
6 weeks project target 600 families
2 days a week
4 hours a day
Morning or afternoon

If interested please send your resume or your personal information to this email

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