October 01, 2006

Assistant Technical Manager - Egypt

A Very Big Local Company seeks a Mechanical Engineer with the following details

Job Title: Assistant Technical Manager - Egypt

Job Description: Plan, monitor and control port's technical and maintenance activities ensuring the optimal allocation, efficient operation and continuous maintenance of the port and terminal equipment. Manages leads and develops maintenance and technical staff.

*Job Qualifications:*
§ B.Sc. in Engineering and knowledge of port and terminal equipment
§ 12+ years experience in a maintenance related activity with 2-3 years in an assistant managerial position .

*Gender: *Male

*Education Major* : Mechanical Engineering
*Experience:** 12+ yrs*
*Salary: 12,000-15,000*

*Other skills:** *
§ Good negotiation skills **
§ Effective management of suppliers* *

Job Contact E-mail: recruit@multi-skills.com

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