Saturday, July 29, 2006

Training delivery experts for EU-sponsored project in Egypt

Training Delivery Expert Roles

The European Institute, Denmark, and Public Affairs Group, who are two leading Danish firms providing management consultancy services to the EU Commission, have been asked to bid for an EU-sponsored project in Egypt.

The purpose of the project is to support the Egyptian Customs Authorities to be able to communicate more effectively, internally and externally. A key element in the project is training of Customs Authority staff in communications skills.

We are currently working to staff a full project team, and have a strong candidate for the team lead role. We now need 2 local, Egyptian resources, with strong experience in training delivery/communication management to cover the training delivery expert-roles.

To be qualified, the resources should match the following skills requirements:

Ø At least a bachelor degree in Communications, Marketing or Business Administration
Ø A total of minimum 10 years work experience (and at least 5 years experience with delivery of training, e.g. as a teacher/trainer/instructor/management consultant, etc.)
Ø Fluent in Egyptian/Arabic language, and a good command of English
Ø Ability to work in a multi-national environment
Ø Experience from previous EU-projects is an advantage

The project is expected to start september 11th, 2006. Both local experts are to deliver a total of 75 work days in the period from september 11th until july 2007.

The salary rate is appx. 70 Euro per working day for each expert, depending on qualifications and experience.

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