Saturday, July 22, 2006

Product Manager

A very reputable organization is seeking a highly qualified candidate for
the position of:

"Product Manager"

- Will be responsible for all communication with the Vendors to establish
purchasing forecasts and perform the necessary vendor required reports,
obtain special prices for special orders and clients, do all what is
necessary to obtain vendor rebates.
- Fulfill and raise the necessary purchase orders within the vendor approved
credit limits and ensure payment and shipping of the stock and its
subsequent arrival, release and addition to local inventory.
- Manage the stock and ensure its proper turnover ensuring that there is no
dead or unsold stock.
- Ensure that the Marketing Activities and the Marketing Plan is fulfilled
with the help of the Marketing Department.
- Coordinate with Vendors all marketing activities and events, ensure that
all claims and credit notes are collected from the vendor.
- Market Analysis and monitoring.
- Develop the business and open up new channels by introducing the product
to new resellers.
- Introduce the product to end users.
- Establish and follow up on branding and market infrastructure issues.
- Provide technical data and product literature as needed.
- Ensure that the sales quota is achieved for the company at the approved
gross profit.
- Follow up on market prices and competition prices.
-Provide Sales Leads for Salesmen.
- Obtain special prices or promotional prices or discounted price to ensure
sales fulfillment.

- 2-5 years as Product Manager in the IT industry.
- Excellent in English.
- Gender: Male.

Anyone who is interested in the above position is kindly requested to send
his resume to the following email address:

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