May 28, 2006

Need to outsource a 6 month Oracle project

We need 2 resources for approx. 6 months to work on an
in-house developed application that we need to
upgrade; and it is Oracle based application (Forms and
Reports). But it should be through a company not

During the project phases; the following techniques
and tools will be utilized:

1. JAD (Joint Application Development) technique will
be used for the purpose of involving users in systems'

2. Form Builder 6i tool will be used to develop
modules and interfaces.

3. Report Builder tool will be used to develop
standard reports.

4. SQL (Structured Query Language) will be used to
manipulate row data.

5. Oracle database 10g.

6. AppModeler tool will be used to prepare the
conceptual database design.

7. Business Objects will be used to create universe
for generating the analytic reports.

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