May 28, 2006

Editors for, the number one Islamic site on the Internet, is offering interesting career opportunities for qualified candidates to fill the following vacancies for its Discover Islam Department

Available Vacancies:

1 - SENIOR EDITOR for Discover Islam Department (we need 1)
1. B.A. degree in any branch of the humanities.
2. Excellent knowledge of English and Arabic, both written and spoken
3. Excellent Islamic background
4. Experience in da`wah
5. Good research skills
6. Willingness to learn
7. Ability to work in a team
8. Computer skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet
9. Any kind of previous experience with non-Arabs & Westerners is recommended.
10. Previous visits to the West or previous accomodation there is of credit.

Job Responsibilities
1. Actively participating in departmental meetings.
2. Networking with writers and assigning articles to be written.
3. Editing articles received by writers.
4. Preparing material for publication.
5. Performing Internet searches on specific issues and provide related links that can be used in content or for brainstorming.
6. Organizing and categorizing data.
7. Providing information for analysis from data organized.
8. Setting up and maintaining database for contacts, writers, and correspondents for the department.
9. Sending e-mails to department contacts.

2 - (ASSISTANT) EDITOR for Discover Islam Department(we need 3)

1. Excellent knowledge of English and good knowledge of Arabic, both written and spoken
2. Computer skills in MS Word, Internet
3. Good Islamic knowledge.
4. Experience in da`wah.
5. Relevant education. (preferably a B.A. in the Humanities)
6. Excellent research skills.
7. Good organizational skills.

Discover Islam Department in brief:

The Discover Islam Department aims at creating and maintaining a balanced, holistic, and authoritative center of information on Islam and interactive discourse, with an aim to promote dialogue and understanding through a variety of media.

It is Discover Islam's role to utilize the various media available as an internet site in order to define to the "other" what Islam is, as well as to clarify Islam's standpoint with regards to issues such as world peace, human rights, minority rights, conservation of the environment, the right of religious freedom, and other issues that may be of concern to the contemporary world.

The Discover Islam department also aims at empowering new Muslims in their faith through various services and media based on their needs by:
- providing clear and beneficial information on Islam, raising awareness of spiritual issues and practice,
- conscientiously supporting the community of new Muslims.

Discover Islam is essentially a multileveled source of Islam. The Islam it presents is the collective conceptual paradigm that covers a wide array of peoples. Basically, it presents moderate Sunni Islam, taking care to avoid areas of ikhtilaf (contention) when it will cause confusion and misunderstanding, while at the same time highlighting the flexibility of

All Candidates should be living in Cairo. These are full-time jobs.

CVs should be sent to:

For more info., you can contact the managing
editor: (+20)10-519-6778, or e-mail:

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