Saturday, March 25, 2006

Software Quality Assurance Specialist

Cairo, Egypt

International Company with a branch in Cairo Egypt

Job type:


Responsible for establishing CMMI standard Quality procedures and enforcing
them through the workflow cycle. At least 5 Years experiance in a Senior
Quality Assurance position for Software Development QA Projects. Building
Testing processes and ensuring high quality of company products. Adhering to
worldwide software development process. Coordinates with IT Operations.
Coordinates with the QA Manager on overall development and QA process.

Job Title:
Software Quality Assurance Specialist

Reports To:
QA Manager

- Plays a key role in the development of a framework for all application software testing within the department.
- Identifies and documents standards indicating how the verification and validation activities of the software quality control process fit into the software development methodologies used
- Develops or contributes to the development of standards and templates for the design of test plans.
- Contributes to, reviews, and (for certain projects) may have an approval role with respect to test plans created.
- Develops or contributes to the development of the SW development of standards and methods for test execution.
- Designs forms, worksheets, and other aids with respect to the testing process.
- Develops or contributes to the development of standards and methods related to software defect identification, classification, reporting, and analysis.
- Develops or contributes to the development of standards and templates for the reporting of test results.
- Collects and analyzes statistical data on defects by category and frequency (across all departmental application software development and maintenance projects).
- Analyzes the effectiveness of the different types of testing (may conduct post-implementation reviews).

Required Skills:
- Experience: three years experience working in teams and conducting testing activities.
- Specific Technical Skills Required:
1. Excellent Knowledge of All testing types
2. Excellent Knowledge of Testing tools
3. Knowledge of SW Development life cycles
4. Excellent knowledge of CMMI and other SPI initiatives
5. Familiar with Programming languages
- Strong written and Verbal communication, interpersonal and customer service skills.
- Ability to work accurately, with interruptions and to meet deadline. Ability to work in a
- Good organizational, time management and problem solving skills and the ability to work accurately and meet deadlines with frequent interruptions.
- Strong Problem solving skills.
- Ability to exercise flexibility, initiative, good judgment and discretion.
- Excellent Computer Skills.
- Ability to coach juniors and develop technical development plans for them.
- Possess leadership skills and the ability to take decisions.
- Able to develop sound reports that reflect the testing

Compensation Package:
Competitive Salary + Benefits

According to proven experience



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