Friday, March 31, 2006

Senior DBA

1. Must be certified in BDA
2. Long-term and short-term planning and goal setting for himself and for his subordinates.
3. Submits progress reports to his manager.
4. Receives and makes use of his subordinates' progress reports.
5. Supervises, trains and coaches his subordinates on training, support, data entry, use of applications, and reporting.
6. Verifies enough resources for acceptable performance
7. Verifies the success of database backups and archiving to tape
8. Verifies that all instances are up and looks for any new alert log entries
9. Looks for objects that break rules and security policy violations
10. Looks in SQL net logs for errors
11. Archives all alert logs to history
12. Handles and reports corrective action
13. Performs tuning and maintenance
14. Reviews fragmentation
15. Looks for harmful growth rates
16. Follows up on adjustments requested from software suppliers and ensures proper implementation in the company.
17. Coordinates with suppliers on discovery of bugs and follows up maintenance installations.
18. Keeping documentation of bugs, modifications and their fixes.
19. Engineering university graduate (Cairo- Ain Shames…AUC… ETC).
20. Min 3 years Experience

Anyone that interested kindly sends his CV to

P.S: Kindly name your attached C.V. with your Full name, with a recent photo and in the subjects write the Job title.

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