March 30, 2006

Positions in the financial/energy market UK

A company called Open Link Financial ( is looking to recruit a number of people at their London office. The company develops trading software for the financial and energy market, where in the former, financial market, clients like the Bank of England, the International bank of Settlements use their software to capture trades, examines their trading position by running a number of reports on a daily basis as well settle those trades. The product used is called Findur. In the latter, the energy market, a second product called Endur is being used to trade commodities, i.e. Oil, Natural Gas, electricity and so on). British Petroleum, Shell and other major institutions use Endur to trade in the market. The company has a number of other offices across the world.

If you have a technical background (Mathematics, computer science, Finance) and/or have good knowledge of the financial market and like to apply, please email me your CV with the position you like to be considered for and I will pass it across to the relevant department and assist in helping with tips for the interview as well as the set of skills they are seeking for each post:

my email: Ali Hafiz,

Positions being recruited for:

1) Client Support Analyst:
(Supporting OLF clients with the software, least technical of all positions).
2) AVS Script Developer:
(AVS is in house scripting language, very similar to the C language)
3) Technical Support Analyst (BP):
(post dedicated to the British Petroleum operation, knowledge of the Energy market would be very good)
4) Endur/Findur Consultants:
(Needs financial knowledge i.e Options, Future, trading commodities and so on)
5) Telesales Executive:
(Do not know much what skills are needed for this but knowledge of more than one language is surely an asset)

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