September 28, 2005

Professional Article Writer Wanted

This is a work per project jop.
we are looking for a Professional article writer, to
rewrite the articles of our website, with fresh and
unique content, Material delivered must be high
quality original content only.
the site is for investment and financial company.
Quality writing is essential. Some articles may also
be used on the index page and will be one of the first
things seen when the site is visited.

Article details:
1. Article length: 700-1000 words per article.
2. Average paragraph length: 5-7 lines
3. Each article delivered as plain text files. Line
breaks between paragraphs and heading.
4.This is critical…no copy-and-paste, plagiarized, or
machine generated type articles. All content MUST be
100% original and will be checked.
5. If article doesn't meet specifications, writer is
obligated to edit and correct to bring product up to
quality and readability standard.
6. Final articles must be free of typos, spelling and
grammatical errors. Writer should have a thorough
understanding of the English language and writing
7. Exclusive and complete copyrights go with all
purchased works. Ownership of finished products
transfer on payment being made.

I cannot stress enough that if any material is
provided that is not unique, no additional work will
be available for the writer. This means you can not
copy and paste from another site!

Please structure your budget based on a PER ARTICLE

A budget should include:
Price per article.
Est. number of articles you can deliver weekly.
Lead time to deliver the articles.

Please send your budget to with
a rewriting of the following sample article so we can
be sure of your ability to do the job

--Beginning of Article--
Leasing is a unique and powerful financial tool that
is used extensively by business and industry.
Worldwide, nearly one-quarter of all equipment used
commercially is leased.

The Lease offers numerous advantages over a convention
financial transaction. The benefits often realized
from leasing include such things as conservation of
working capital and cash reserves, positive financial
statement impacts, favorable tax consequences, and
lower over-all costs.

Lease can be applied to almost any asset-backed
financial transaction. In some cases, it may also be
possible to recover your investment in already owned
assets through what is known as a sale-leaseback.

The lease transaction is an extremely flexible
financial instrument. Our professional staff is ready
to carefully structure a lease to meet your specific
--End of Article--

Thanks in advance
Ahmed Abdel-Aliem
Web Developer

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