Thursday, September 01, 2005

Graphic Designer Egypt

Job Title: Graphic Designer: Cairo , Egypt
Job Type: Full Time.

Jop Aim : web design, design of interactive flash websites, design of print materials.

The Post:

This is a full-time post based in Cairo. The working hours will be 48 hours per week, 1 day off, and you will be part of the team offering information and proactive information technology services.

General Requirements :

Gender : Male / Female
Military Status : Completed / Exempted
Experience : 1 year and more in Graphic Design & Web Development.

Personal Skills:
• Excellent Appearance.
• Very Good Communications Skills.
• Willing to Learn and Develop.
• Team working.
• Hard Worker.
• Organized and Self-Motivated.
• Ambitious and Fixable.

For Candidates who want to apply for this jop, send email to

Languages :
Fluent Arabic
V.Good English ( Read , Write , Oral ).

Send us on , your CV, your portfolio, along with ranking yourself on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the highest level of proficiency, and 0 meaning no experience or proficiency whatsoever, in each of the following areas, and provide examples if available:

Web Design Skills
Static HTML coding
Java Script
Flash Intros
Flash Websites
Action Scrpit
Banner Ads (Flash & animated GIF)
Rollovers and Animated Images
Design Skills Business Cards
Logo Design
Brochures and Catalogs
Web Animations & Banners
Online Demos
Multimedia CDs
Custom Screen Savers

P.S: Kindly name your attached C.V. with your Full name, with a recent photo and in the subjects write the Job title "Grahpic Designer".

Thank you,

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