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External Relations Manager – Egypt ER 00000154


The purpose of the External Relations (ER) Manager's job is to protect and improve P&G's profitability and competitiveness through the design, guidance and implementation of Government Relations and Trade Relations (GR/TR) strategies at the national and regional levels to:

§ Build and maintain a strong network with key government circles, stakeholders, Industry and Business groups to create a competitive edge for P&G and help deliver P&G business objectives.

§ Achieve specific reforms in domestic economy and trade policies in favor of P&G business, specifically in the area of duties, investments and Trade agreements.

§ Lead and sustain a strong anti-counterfeit effort to protect the image and business of P&G.

ER Manager Job Scope

1. Fully own the government and trade relations discipline, relevant to all categories in P&G Egypt. Cross-category and corporate reforms also fall within his/her scope of responsibility.

2. Lead a wide variety of lobbying and networking initiatives aimed at effecting specific domestic economy and trade reforms, to create value for the P&G business. Those reforms are pertinent to customs, investments, tax and bilateral/regional Trade agreements.

3. Leader and single point of contact regarding all P&G Egypt's anti-counterfeit efforts.

4. Assume specific tasks in areas of corporate ER, brand PR, corporate communication and community relations in collaboration with the ER-PA Manager.

5. Handling of specific technical external relations projects.

6. Take on a people management responsibility later on into the assignment.

Understanding of stakeholders and build, maintain and leverage superior stakeholder relationships.
Proactive and influential communications, both internally with internal customers as well as externally with policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.
Issue prevention and management by staying on top of external policy and legislative developments to provide early warning to the business and manage upcoming new issues.
Strategic counsel and leadership, advising the business of policy and legislative environment which are affecting or may affect business plans.
Leveraging the ER work process.

ER Manager Scope of Accountability

A. Government Relations and Trade Relations
Includes strategic focus on emerging trends, lobbying, promoting P&G public image consistent with corporate equity, crisis prevention/ management, coalition building and fighting counterfeits of P&G Brands.

B. Corporate External Relations and Brand PR:
Co-lead activities related to protecting and promoting the company's image and its brands through a variety of activities. This includes coordinating PR events in collaboration with ER-PA Manager, developing press releases, brand PR activities and community relations initiatives.

C. Technical External Relations
The ER Manager will also participate in and sometimes lead specific projects in the area of technical ER to gain expertise in this key ER area and allow him/her to grow into a Multifunctional ER Manager.

ER Core Skills and Proficiency Relevant to the ER Manager's Job
The ER Manager needs to have solid understanding of the objectives, goals, strategies and measures of P&G Egypt's business. He/she must have a clear understanding of the legislative and regulatory processes. He/she needs to have a sound understanding of bilateral, regional and international trade arrangements which impact on P&G business. Strong political instincts, sound judgment and strategic counsel are essential as the ER Manager acts as an advisor to business leaders with respect to government and trade policies, stakeholder relations, counterfeits and areas of corporate ER, Brand PR and technical external relations. He/she assumes full ownership within P&G and with external audiences to align business goals with political realities to achieve the company's goals and plans.

Other important information:
Starting July 2005.

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