Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ADMIN - Customer Service Administrative Assistant - Egypt – MFG00000636

The Customer Service Assistant is located in the HO and plays an integral part in the CS and logistics chain. She represents the CS in terms of any related new admin systems required to be implemented. She is responsible for deploying and ensuring full dept. abidance by new systems. She also controls the CS admin spending and ensuring budget control and tracking. She is also the contact person from CS/L with external functions in case of visits / reviews arrangement.

She also works closely with Demand, Orders planning, and logistics to ensure timely scorecard issuing. In addition she works with finance, HR to ensure correct and charging channels, Purchasing, WPS and the travel agency (AMEX).

The CS Assistant reports to the CS/L dept. Head

1: Maintain high level of confidentiality in his/her area
2: Good Time Management and Priority Settings Skills
3: Able to work under pressure and be a team player.
4: Good communication skills.
5: Strong command of English and Arabic (verbal and writing).
6: Strong PC Skills (Word/Excel/Power Point) with presentation skills

Experience: maximum four years experience.

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