March 23, 2005

Team Leader for a software company in Egypt

Microtech is seeking a Team Leader to lead one of it's highly active Software Development teams.

Job Descriptions
• Report to Software Development Section Manager.
• Responsible for leading a team of software developers.
• Plan, execute and follow up development tasks for his/her team members.
• Distribute the work between the team members, and supervise the work of his/her team.
• Responsible for developing function specifications for programs being developed by his/her team.
• Coach & mentor team members. Assist in the development of less experienced developers.
• Meet individual deadlines and contribute towards team objectives.
• Communicate plan changes, specification changes to team members, other team leaders and supervisor.
• Learn and become efficient with new technologies as dictated by the product strategy.
• Put forward improvement suggestions at any stage of the project life cycle.
• Participate in setting programming standards and procedures for developed projects.
• Responsible of implementing project standards and procedures and training team members to work with standard procedures and programming standards.
• Prepare and present reports to management as needed.
• Report progress reports to supervisor on regular basis.
• Set monthly/quarterly objectives for his/her team members.
• Evaluate and monitor his/her team members' performance and work product quality and submit performance and quality reports to his/her supervisor.
• Report progress level problems, failures (inability to meet deadlines) and communications (inter/intra departmental – customers) to his/her supervisor.
• Assist in the QA process as required.

• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
• 5 years experience in developing software applications; 3 years experience in developing business applications.
• Excellent communication abilities (oral and written).
• Problem solving.
• Understanding of the potential of computer technology.
• Appreciation for the business's objectives.
• Ability to guide people through periods of change.
• Patience and creativity.
• Excellent in presentation abilities.
• Ability to manage people.
• Work successfully in a team matrix environment.
• Continuous learner. Adapt to unexpected events.
• Ethical with users and Colleges.
• Analytical thinking, attention to detail and superior time management skills are crucial.
• Knowledge of database design (data modeling, process modeling, database design, ERD & DFD) methodology is a must.
• Knowledge of a programming tool preferably (Delphi and C++) is a must.
• Knowledge of the use of MS Project (or similar programs) is a must.
• Worked on the development of business applications and/or ERP Solutions.
• Expert in Microsoft SQL server development.
• Expert in database performance optimization techniques.
• Expert in object oriented programming techniques

Please send your resume to:

Maie Mahmoud
HR Coordinator

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