March 28, 2005

Senior Software Developer - Egypt

A leading International Software Company located in Maadi is looking for a Senior Software Developer to join its team.

- BSc in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
- 3 years experience in designing, developing and implementing Web Solutions.
- Developing and implementing Web Applications with VB.NET, VC++ and Visual Studio .NET
- Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications using Visual Studio .NET
- Programming with Microsoft ADO.NET.
- Programming with VB.NET and C# developing XML Web Services and Server Components with VB.NET or Visual C++.
- Developing XML Web Services using ASP.NET (prefered C#).
- Building COM+ Applications using .NET Enterprise Services.
- Designing and implementing databases with SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.
- Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL.
- Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database.
- Designing and implementing Solutions with BizTalk Server 2004 Enterprise Edition.
- Developing for and deploying BizTalk Server 2004.
- Designing and implementing Solutions with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002.
- Deploying and managing Microsoft Content Management Server 2002.
- Fundamentals of Developing a Business-to-Consumer Solution with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002.
- Project Management, working on Microsoft Project Server 2003.
- JavaScript, Java Servlets, basic administration of sites.
- Basic knowledge of remote web hosted environments (use of FTP & synchronization).
- Knowledge of additional languages is a plus (PHP, ColdFusion).
- Knowledge of additional DBMSs is a plus (MySql).
- Experienced with Visual Studio Source Safe, Dreamweaver.
- Willingness to work for extended hours and on weekends.
- Must to be professional in intelligent business integration solutions.
- Excellent command of written and spoken English language.
- Experience in working with a team.
- Good communications skills.
- Willing to learn new technologies and concepts to further enhance performance.

If you are interested and qualified, please send your CV to:

- Please write Senior Software Developer in the subject line of your email.
- Please rename your CV with your full name.

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