February 09, 2005

Systems Analyst for Microtech - Egypt

Microtech ( www.microtech.com.eg ) is seeking a Systems Analyst to join its team.

Job Description
• Report to Team Leader.
• Produce design specifications for customer and product enhancements to agreed standards.
• Understand the release cycle and follow the required control processes.
• Assist in the QA process as required.
• Understand customer requirements of proposed enhancements.
• Attend and contribute to User Groups as required.
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships as required externally and internally.
• Meet individual deadlines and contribute towards team objectives.
• Learn and become efficient with new technologies as needed by the product strategy.
• Put forward improvement suggestions at any stage of the project life cycle.

• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
• 0-2 years of experience.
• Excellent communication abilities (oral and written).
• Problem solving.
• Understanding of the potential of computer technology.
• Appreciation for the business's objectives.
• Patience and creativity.
• Excellent in presentation abilities.
• Work successfully in a team matrix environment.
• Continuous learner.
• Ethical with users and Colleges. Knowledge of Database design methodology is a must.
• Knowledge of a Programming Tool preferably (Delphi and C++) is a must.
• Knowledge of the use of CASE tools.

#Junior Software Developer

- Object oriented programming languages (Delphi knowledge is an asset)
- Client/Server database development(knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server is an asset.
- Knowledge of Oracle database is an asset.
- Client/Server application development.
- Database design methodologies.
- Knowledge of Crystal Reports is an asset.
- Knowledge of database design CASE Tools is an asset.

- BSc Computer Science/Engineering
- Maximum of 2 years experience (less than 2 years are welcome).
- Very good English language.

# Testers

• Prepare test cases according to testing requests & design documents
• Perform unit tests using checklists & test cases/scenarios to make sure that developed units are matching system design
• Assure system usability and flexibility
• Issue defect reports if design document is not meeting customer requirements or developed units doesn't meet the unit design
• Perform all other types of testing (integration tests , stress tests , process tests & Release tests)
• Retest fixing bugs
• Prepares progress reports to his supervisor on a regular basis
• Reports progress level, problems, failures (inability to meet deadlines) and communications (Inter/Intra departmental – Customers) to his supervisor
• Assist in the QA process as required.
• Meet individual deadlines and contribute towards team objectives

• Good computer knowledge.
• Good command of English.
• Good communication skills (oral and written).
• Problem solving.
• Work successfully in a team matrix environment
• Continuous learner
• Ethical with Colleges

1. Degree in accounting (with good accounting experience)
2. Or BSc in Computer Science (with good accounting knowledge)

Work Experience
• Experience in accounting packages is vital (minimum two years).
• Tester in another company (minimum one year).
• Experience in Al_MOTAMMEM is an asset.

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