Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Senior Database Administrator (DBA)

Senior Database Administrator (DBA) - Giza Systems

Job Field Information Technology (IT)

Job Type Full Time

Job Description

* Act as first line of support to DBAs, solve complex problems in all fields of Oracle support
* Ensures that the technical environment is in place and operational throughout the project
* Ensures the software is properly installed
* Establishes, coordinates, and maintains databases and database environment
* Establishes all database instances (i.e., testing, production, training, demo)to support the various phases of the implementation
* Conducts technology architecture performance, volume and stress tests
* Coordinates data dictionary/parameter building
* Establishes control and update procedures related to dictionaries and reports
* Identifies and resolves space allocation issues on the server(s)
* Manages the efforts involved in monitoring, tuning and optimizing the performance of the database through the database parameters
* Shares responsibility for all database software patches, fixes and upgrades
* Establishes appropriate backup and recovery procedures for the database server(s) and conducts the backups
* Develops procedures to manage multiple database environments
* Responsible for all "change control"
* Responsible for database performance tuning
* Works in conjunction with the Team Leads to keep the project on schedule and overcome any obstacles.
* providing the full range of DBA duties on the Company's Oracle and MS SQL Server databases

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