Friday, February 18, 2005

part-time secretary -Sharjah

Professor needs a expert part-time secretary (student or adult)

I am an extremely busy professor in a university in Sharjah and I am currently exploring the possibility of hiring a part time (10 but possibly more hours), secretary to help me with all kinds of office, personal jobs, and a few jobs around town. Duties could include:

- Filing
- Typing reports/documents from text or tape
- Inputting numeric data into program files
- Organizing paperwork into groups and files
- Making telephone calls
- Maintaining and updating websites
- Preparing materials to be copied
- Screening videos and music tapes for use in lessons
- Keeping records on lessons, attendance, phone calls
- Locating information on the internet or in the library
- Organizing word files
- Running errands to the library or other locations on campus
- Editing and formatting class handouts and activities
- Adding basic graphics to class handouts and activities
- Creating! basic visual materials (posters, transparencies, games)
- Sending out group e-mails
- Updating calendar and reminders

You must be EXTREMELY fluent in English since all of the work will involve reading and typing in English. That means that you should have a very high score on the TOEFL test (at least 650), or the IELTS, (above band 7). You should be a NEAR NATIVE speaker. You may be tested for your writing ability, grammar and listening and speaking. Also, you may be given a typing test.


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