January 09, 2005

Security Consultant

EMEA Consulting, a leading multinational IT Consultation Company in quality and security services is in urgent need for the following position:

Security Consultant (Specialist)

Job Description and Responsibilities:

The new Candidate will be responsible for performing risk assessment as a part of a risk management process. His task will involve:

- Identifying risks, threats and vulnerabilities within the organization and ranking these risks according to their importance.
- Developing suitable recommendations and controls to overcome the omissions that will be discovered during the assessment process.

The candidate should be familiar with risk analysis methodologies. He should have the experience and ability to work with risk assessment tools (including software tools, questioners, lists of threats and reports, standard report format….etc).

As well as performing a risk analysis process, the candidate will be responsible for providing technical and business reports to identify the actual security status of the organization along with the proposed solutions.

The new position might require traveling and working outside Egypt most of the time so the new candidate should have the ability to work in an external environment outside Egypt without any refusal to travel and work abroad.

Job Qualifications:

1- Male, age 24 and above
2- Military service: finished, exempted or postponed (minimum of 2 years) and having a valid passport (or to be issued without any concern)
3- Preferably graduate of Computer Science or Engineering (Computer Department)
4- Preferably ITI graduate
5- Minimum 2 years experience in risk assessment with security background is highly preferred 6- Fluent English
7- Good Technical and Presentation Skills
8- Good Presence
9- Good business skills and good analytical skills with problem solving approach
10- Able to work under stress and time constrains

Please if interested, send your resume with the subject "Security Specialist" to the following email: rhamaky@emea-consulting.net

Radwa El-Hamaky,
Chief Security Officer,
EMEA Consulting
425 Street No. 9, Office No. 6, Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt
Office: 002 02 667 6945 (EGYPT)

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