Monday, January 10, 2005

Localization Engineer, Cairo - Egypt

Our client is a well know firm in DTP field located in Mohandseen, Cairo . They are currently looking for Localization Engineer Code LE- DTP 12005

LE Qualifications:
1-Ability to learn computer software in limited time.
2-Ability to write MS Office macros.
3-Good knowledge of HTML, CSS.
4-Fair knowledge of XML, XSL.
5-Good knowledge of Visual Basic, any other programming language is a plus.
6-Good English.
7-Fair knowledge of Graphics applications is a plus.
8-Fair knowledge of Mac and Linux systems is a plus.
9-Good reporting skills.

LE responsibilities:
1-Support the DTP in using DTP applications.
2-Make training sessions for the DTP team.
3-Develop Automation solutions (macros, and applications)
4-Make document conversions.
5-Create help files.
6-Make project analysis.
7-Writing reports.

Please send your detailed Resume to and write in the subject
the code of the job and Your name i.e Jhon Smith –LE-DTP1 2005

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