Sunday, January 02, 2005

AinArabia: Marketing Engineers

A leading company in the field of Information Technology in Heliopolis - Cairo is seeking for
Ambitious Marketing Engineers for expanding its Marketing team.

As a member of the team you will Market the for:

* E-Commerce Applications.
* Web Design and Hosting Packages.
* Windows Applications for Business workflow (e.g. Accounting Applications)
* Human Resources Programs and Packages
* Computer Networks
* Advertising for Factories and companies

Candidates should fulfill the following requirements:

* Any Bachelor's degree, preferably in Engineering.
* Excellent Presentation Skills and strong impressive personality and persuasive abilities.
* Good understanding of the Common Information Technology and internet concepts and famous terms Familiarity with PC Computers.
* Able to create good image in market by effective way and insure maximum client satisfaction.
* Able to get a good awareness of the company profile in a short time and deliver that image to the client fluently.
* Make use of printed advertisement, brochures and technical leaf letters.
* To assist the company’s Development Department in building strong relationships with Clients like gathering customer experience and feedback.
* Hold exhibitions and Carry out marketing campaigns.
* Active and Polite.

The above position offers an attractive salary and commissions.

To Apply to the job, Please contact us at:
Tel: 2690197 – 2690198 Mobile: 0106792636

Please visit our website:

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