Saturday, July 24, 2004

Helpdesk team Leader

The team leader will monitor the day-to-day work and provide periodic status to the Service Delivery Manager. He will provide technical assistance to the team whenever needed. He has to give the proper alerts for any serious problem to the service delivery manager in the proper time. 

1- Minimum 1 year experience as a HD/Support Team leader
2- Minimum 3-years experience as a professional HD/Support specialist
3- Excellent team leading skills
4- Certified MCSE (Windows 2000)
5- Certified CCNA
6- Up to date knowledge of Windows/LAN environment
7- Excellent Communications skills
8- Fluent English

- Candidates should have deep knowledge of Outlook/Outlook express client & MS Office (No Macro programming).   

- They should be aware of Rules and Procedures that should be followed in International Organizations.
- Candidates should have deep knowledge in Workstations related operating systems topics ( Users profiles , ...)

- They should be highly qualified in technical issues.
- Certificates (MCSE, CCNA) can be prepared later if candidate is highly qualified but lacks the certificate.
- Candidates should indicate their desired salary.
- Only Egyptian candidates are required to apply.

CV's are to be sent to phonelist@d... no later than 26th of July 2004.

Thank You,
Mohammad Salah
Computer Engineer
Tel.: +(2012)-2928325

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