July 19, 2004

Editors wanted for an online teen magazine

Our magazine is for teens and by teens, the magazine covers a lot of categories and it will be in English in the beginning. So we want editors and reporters for certain categories, it will be voluntary work and if the magazine is successful then who knows. If you are worried that it will take time from your studies, then don't because it will be monthly because we are also college students.
There are basic standards for who will work in the magazine; you must be
  1. Fluent in English,
  2. Send us a paragraph for why we should choose you,
  3. What category do you want to write in?,
  4. A detailed description of yourself and contact information (email etc..),
  5. Picture of yourself.
  6. But the No.1 priority and the most important reason for choosing is COMMITMENT, after you are accepted you can't just walk away, we must first find a replacement for you.

Each editor will have his name and picture published under his field of responsibility.

Fields available:

  • Love doctor: a girl is needed cause we already have a male representative and we want to have the opinion of the two sexes. The editor will answer love related questions.
  • Various questions: this category is for questions of any kind the editor must research the answers and add his opinion.
  • Jokes: the editor will filter jokes submitted and add his own jokes.
  • Horoscopes: the editor must relate the horoscope the personality, not a fortuneteller but a personality description of the person who has this certain horoscope
  • StarFlashes: news of stars and reviews about English and Egyptian movies
  • Music world: information about local and international music.
  • Book Reviews
  • There are other categories but they are already taken, these the ones that are free.
Send your CV to magazine_recruit@hotmail.com
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