Monday, June 14, 2004

E-Marketing Project Manager

An E-Marketing Company need a Project manager for the supervision of the web site development and building an E-Marketing team to market the service:

The position requires experience using the web to market products and

- Ability and willingness to understand our matchmaking web site
- Strong analytical skill (analysis of problems and tasks into smaller sub tasks and give them to the development team, without necessarily knowing the coding opr programming details)
- Object Oriented Concept
- Receive work plan form developer and communicate them to the management
- Follow up with the developer on the work progress and monitor work quality and compliance with requirements
- Understanding of quality
- Test developer work after finishing the task
- Making the time sheet of every developer
- Meeting deadlines
- Report to the GM by the work flow
- Able to work in Naser city (close to the cairo internatinal fair)
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