April 28, 2004

"Short-Sized" People for a documentary shoot

we are seeking short ppl for an documentary shoot
They need to be between 3.8ft to 4.4 ft (112cm-132 cms) any gender/any
ethnic/any country Most imp they should have even proportionate body (no big
head/hand/feet etc) a valid passport + ready to travel for 4 months

They may or may not have acting experience

pls do spread a word with collegues in other countries


April 24, 2004

IT Support Manager Job

Candidate should have the following requirements:
* Age: Over 35 years old.
* 10 years experience in computer business.
* 3 years experience as a manager
* Experience in support field
* Excellent communication/negotiation skills
* Fluent in written/spoken English

Please, send your CV the following e-mail address:
Thank you,

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April 21, 2004

AS/400 RPG Programmers

AS/400 RPG programmers with experience from 2 to 5 years are required to send their CV's to the following email address: phonelist@dacafe.com

April 11, 2004

ASP-NET programmer needed

for a Saudi Company, working in Alexandria, We need a programmer in ASP-NET

ASP-NET progrtammers should contact hsheimy@yahoo.com for voice interview.

966 56679480

Regards, Hassan