January 19, 2004

Marketing jobs at Heinz Egypt

There are two job vacancies available at Heinz Egypt with the following job description:

1- Good Appearance (and that does not exclude veiled girls, they are most welcome to apply)
2- Good interpersonal & communication skills
2- Some English knowledge
3- This is no office job so they should be willing to go from one place to another where they will be required to go on a regular basis on market visits and give the marketing department feedback from these visits. They will also be required to be present in any events held by Heinzcommunicating with consumers, getting feedback from the consumers and once again reporting directly to the marketing department.

If interested or know someone who is please don't hesitate to contact me directly through this email account or noha@hotmail.com or by phone: 7040161 ext. 130

Thank you,
Noha El-Sherbini
Marketing Department
Heinz Egypt

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